Accessing OWL 2 Reasoning Services

Strong evidence suggests that OWL 2 will become an important standard for representing ontologies. According to the W3C its featured usage is to enable applications to meaningfully process information by means of reasoning. However, from the application's point of view this requires not only a language standard for ontologies but also a standard way to interact with components which supply reasoning or other services. OWLlink adds this latter piece of the ontology infrastructure by providing an extensible protocol for communication with OWL reasoning systems. The OWLlink protocol facilitates client applications to configure a reasoner, to transmit OWL 2 ontologies or fractions thereof, and to access reasoning services via a set of basic queries. Furthermore, OWLlink is flexible in that it allows to add any desired functionality by defining a corresponding extension.

Latest News

August 2011
Release of the OWLlink API 1.2.1 for OWL AP 3.2 and OWLlink for Protégé 4.1 (supporting build 235 and later) on SourceForge.net
February 2011
Publication of the OWLlink article at IOS Press Semantic Web Journal: Final review version / IOS Press article (see also How to cite OWLlink)
November 2010
Release of the OWLlink API 1.1 for OWL AP 3.1 and OWLlink for Protégé 4.1 on SourceForge.net
July 2010
OWLlink published as a W3C Member Submission
Release of the Common Lisp framework OntoLisp on SourceForge.net
May 2010
Release of the OWLlink API 1.0 and OWLlink for Protégé 4.1 on SourceForge.net
November 2009
Release of the final OWLlink 1.0 core specification, fully aligned with the OWL 2 W3C Recommendation
OWLlink Tutorial at ISWC'09
June 2009
RacerPro 2.0 now supports OWLlink and is available as public preview

How to Cite OWLlink?

The most recent and complete reference for OWLlink is the following:

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OWLlink is primarily maintained by derivo and DOCOMO Euro-Labs, but there have been significant contributions from the following organizations: Furthermore, OWLlink inherits ideas developed within the DL Implementation Group (DIG).

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