There is a short overview on the initial OWLlink draft of 2008, an article introducing the final OWLlink protocol version 1.0 of 2009 and a description of the Java-based OWLlink API. Finally, an article providing more rationals on the design decisions taken in OWLlink has been accepted for publication.

Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther, Olaf Noppens, and Michael Wessel. OWLlink. Semantic Web - Interoperability, Usability, Applicability Journal by IOS Press. (to appear)
Olaf Noppens, Marko Luther, and Thorsten Liebig. The OWLlink API: Teaching OWL Components a Common Protocol. OWLED 2010, 7th OWL Experienced and Directions Workshop, San Francisco, California, USA, June 2010.
Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther, and Olaf Noppens. The OWLlink protocol: Infrastructure for interfacing and managing OWL 2 reasoning systems. OWLED 2009, 6th OWL Experienced and Directions Workshop, Chantilly, Virginia, October 2009, volume 529 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings. CEUR.org.
Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther, Olaf Noppens, Mariano Rodriguez, Diego Calvanese, Michael Wessel, Matthew Horridge, Sean Bechhofer, Dmitry Tsarkov, and Evren Sirin. OWLlink: DIG for OWL 2. OWLED 2008, 5th OWL Experienced and Directions Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2008.

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